1. Supplementary terms

These terms and conditions (Projects Terms) apply in addition to, and form part of, our General Terms of Use. If there is any inconsistency between our General Terms of Use and these Courses Terms, these Projects Terms will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency. Capitalised terms which are defined in our General Terms of Use have the same meaning in these Projects Terms.

2. Creating a Project

2.1 Subscriptions

Our current subscription plans are set out on our Pricing page. We reserve the right to vary our subscription plans at any time without prior notice to you. Changes to our subscription plans will apply from the next billing period after we notify you of such changes.

2.2 License to serve project content

Please refer to our General Terms of Use for general terms relating to our licence to Serve user-created content, referred to as User Content, to you and other users in connection with the delivery of our Services to you and other users.

The licence you grant us to Serve User Content which comprises the Content of a project that you have created on our Site is subject to your Content access permissions in the relevant project’s settings which you may modify at any time on our Site.

3. Running a Project

3.1 Acknowledgements

By creating a project, you acknowledge and agree as follows:

    1. you have read, understood, and agree to our General Terms of Use and these Projects Terms; and
    2. before making any legal, financial, or other decision, you will seek independent legal, accounting, tax, financial, business, technical and other professional advice from appropriately qualified professional advisors.

3.2 Cloud Storage

The projects section of our Site allows you to upload and store project Content in our cloud storage systems to give you easy and convenient access.

We have no ability to access your project Content which is securely encrypted to industry standards. 

You are solely responsible for managing your own project Content, including Content access permissions. We accept no liability for any Loss that you suffer due to your disclosure of your confidential information or intellectual property to any third party (including other users), whether inadvertently or otherwise, in connection with your use of our Site.

You must not rely on our Site as a means of storing your Project content, especially important legal documents. We are not responsible for any Loss that you may suffer due to not appropriately backing up your project Content and other data outside of our Services.

3.3 Data Privacy

Where any project Content includes any information which is personal information or personal data within the meaning of applicable data privacy laws, you acknowledge and agree that:

    1. we have no responsibility whatsoever to determine the application or otherwise of data privacy laws to any of your project Content;
    2. you must ensure that you fully comply with any applicable data privacy laws in collecting, storing, using and disclosing such information or personal data, and you indemnify us and our respective officers, employees, contractors, agents and representatives from all liability in relation to your breach of any such laws; and
    3. any project Content which we Serve which is, or contains, personal information or personal data falling outside the scope of our Privacy Policy is handled by us only for the purpose of Serving it in accordance with our Terms, and will not otherwise be processed by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

3.4 Tools, templates, checklists, guides, etc.

The projects section of our Site may contain various tools, templates, checklists, guides, calculators, and other similar Content created by us or other users (Tools) designed to assist you to successfully carry out and complete projects.

You acknowledge and agree that:

    1. Tools are non-exhaustive suggestions only which do not take into account your personal circumstances and may not be suitable for your project;
    2. no Tool is a replacement for careful legal, financial, and commercial decision-making based on independent professional advice; and
    3. we make no statements or representations, and give no warranties or guarantees to you, that any Tool is suitable for any particular use or purpose.

4. Deleting a Project

You may delete or remove any project at any time. If you delete a project, you acknowledge and agree as follows:

    1. your project and all Content, including all information and documents, will be permanently deleted and will be unrecoverable by you or us;
    2. we are not responsible for any Loss suffered by you as a consequence of deleting a project;
    3. all fees paid or payable by you in connection with the deleted project are non-refundable.


5. Electronic Signing of Documents

While many jurisdictions around the world recognise electronic signatures for legal and other documents, some may not. Amongst those that do recognise electronic signatures, there may be specific legal or procedural requirements that must be satisfied in order for an electronic signature to be valid.

Some jurisdictions only recognise electronic signatures for certain types of documents. For any given document, the laws of multiple jurisdictions may impact on whether the document may be validly signed electronically. For example, the laws of your home jurisdiction and the laws of the jurisdiction of the signer may both apply.

By using the electronic signatures feature on our Site, you acknowledge and agree that:

    1. we do not warrant or guarantee that any electronic signature by you or any other person is valid in any particular jurisdiction;
    2. you will seek independent legal advice from an appropriately qualified lawyer to confirm that electronically signing any of your documents will be legally valid and enforceable, and suitable for the purpose/s for which the documents are intended; and
    3. we accept no liability whatsoever for any Loss suffered by you or any other person as a consequence of an electronic signature not being legally valid or enforceable.