Welcome to the Advantage All Development Group,
a successful property development group based in Victoria.

From time to time, we open up to outside investors when we have an excess of good projects that need funding. 

Our highly experienced team examines each project to determine financial viability and realistic time frames, ensuring we have a thorough understanding of the project’s risks as well as opportunities.

We have a proven track record and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional property development projects, ranging from 5 to 30 million dollars up to 200 million dollars. Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry, and we are committed to achieving outstanding results for our clients and investors.

As you can see below, we are currently working on a number of exciting projects that demonstrate the breadth of our expertise. These include residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use developments. 

Some of Our Projects

Advantage All Development Group

Industrial and Commercial Business Park – Rezone, Creek Realignment and Subdivision

  • 19 acres of land currently in rezone approval from UFZ to INDZ.
  • Creek realignment and subdivision as stage one the overall Business Park
  • Estimated cost for stage 1 $5m
  • Funds required May 2023
  • Time frame for stage 1 – 20 weeks
  • Value after rezone and subdivision completed $30m


Commercial Large Format Retail – Creek Realignment and Construction

  • Approx. 5 acres developable land currently under rezone application for UFZ to CZ2
  • Stage 1 creek realignment estimated start last quarter 2023
  • Stage 1 creek realignment and PM estimated cost $5m
  • Funds required late 2023 early 2024
  • Value after rezone and creek realignment $14m


Hotel Accommodation & Conference/Entertainment Venue – Commercial Design and Construction

  • 1.92 acres of C2 land
  • Stage 1 – planning permit for hotel, event centre and associated commercial and retail business use with leases in place.
  • Stage 2 construction
  • Funds required early 2024
  • Value after stage 1 $9.2m


The above Advantage All Development Group projects are owned by Special Purpose Companies.  Advantage All Development Group is an unit trust.  We are also offering you the opportunity to purchase up to 20% of the units in the Advantage All Development Unit Trust to own equity in all projects.

Acuity Development Group

Commercial – Construction.

  • Industrial development of 5 acres currently at planning, expecting permits in April.
  • Construction of education offices, childcare, consulting suits, factories with offices, café and storage
  • Construction estimates $15m
  • Time frame to construct 9-12 months after building permit issued – estimated start June 2023
  • Estimated value on completion $23m


Residential – Land and Construction

  • Permitted site being purchased
  • 47 Town houses and small estate to be constructed
  • Purchase $4m plus GST
  • Estimated development and sales costs $20m
  • Estimated Sales $32m
  • Time frame to complete 15 months
  • Expected start and funding required May 2023




Melissa Fisher (Managing Director)

A passion for creating financially sustainable properties that support business and provide lifestyle benefits.

Melissa has and eye and a talent to visualize and achieve the impossible, and has a financial and business restructure background, working within many industries, from hospitality, construction, building and transport.

With over 25 years of business experience she has a solid understanding of whats possible and what challenges may arise.

Melissa leads a solid team on all projects believing that teamwork and communication are paramount. She has undertaken small and complex projects from subdivision, strata, signage, storage, commercial renovations, business real estate and construction locally, throughout Victoria and Interstate.

Melissa also mentors others and coaches students in the real estate strategies and personal development.

Trevor Reynolds (Operational Director)

A desire of creating local destinations for communities and business to thrive.

Trevor has over 2 decades of experience in the building industry, and loves all things construction. A registered Domestic & Commercial Builder, he has been involved developing an extensive number of housing and commercial projects throughout West Gippsland and is a co-owner of the Civil Works Company, Mad Cat Constructions.

Trevor and co-founder Jim Knight established their Civil Construction Company, Mad Cat Constructions, in 2004 by bringing together their varied skills. For over 17 years their company has constructed projects for local and state government as well as many private developers.

Along with undertaking projects around waterways including bridges and major culverts, Trevor has been leading the civil works in the well known, award winning, Waterford Rise Estate

Through their work with many civil projects and working with successful developers on varying scale sites, Trevor has built a wealth of knowledge. This includes, planning, engineering, building and handing over projects. Through these experiences they have created many networks of industry partners and built respect and trust with their peers.

Matt Murphy (Corporate Development)

Driven by the focus and purpose of guiding, supporting and advising business owners to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Matt has had extensive career in business experiencing every aspect from start up to sale, from private company to listed public company. Matt, a Chartered Accountant, has advised thousands of businesses as CFO, Mentor and Advisor. At heart he is an educator, always loving to teach business owners a better way to make their businesses thrive and their life easier, as demonstrated in his book, Dream to Realisation – The Business Owners Journey.

Matt created and built a unique Accounting & Advisory firm that supported business owners in every aspect of growth, and through a merger with the ASX listed national advisory firm, Prime Financial Group Ltd, realized the goal of creating a venture capital fund and a corporate advisory arm to further assist business owners to realise the business value. Matt is the Executive Director of Prime Financial Group and Managing Director of it’s Accounting & Advisory division.

With a love for property, Matt is also a business partner in the property industry so has a very real view on what is needed and how to navigate the complexities

“Our team works tirelessly to ensure that these projects are delivered to the highest standards, on time and within budget.”

Expression Of Interest

We understand that you may have questions about our projects and investment opportunities. That is why we invite you to fill out the expression of interest form. 

By completing this form, we can assess your suitability as an investor and provide you with more information about our current and future projects.

One of our company directors will be in touch with you within 48 business hours to discuss potential opportunities. We will take the time to understand your investment goals and work with you to determine if our projects are a good fit for you.

We are confident that you will find our investment opportunities compelling, and we look forward to exploring the possibility of working together. Submit your expression of interest today.