Reaching Out to Property Inc Support

If you encounter any issues with the platform or find navigating the site extremely difficult, we have customer support ready to help. Click “Support” on the left hand navigation.

Fill in the Support form. Be as detailed as possible with the issue you are experiencing.

Type down the problems you are facing, or what you need help with.

Click “OK” when done.

Fill in your Name, and your email address.

Our support team will reach out to you through email, so it’s important you type in a valid email address. Click “OK” when done.

Enter your phone details as well. For urgent concerns such as refunds or incorrect billing, our Support team may reach out to you through mobile.

Please provide a screenshot or any evidence illustrating the issue you have encountered. This could include a screenshot capturing any technical problems you experienced while using the platform, such as an error message when attempting to log in or evidence of a double payment. This will help our Support and Tech team identify what the issue is. Click “Submit” when done.

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