Project Files, Privacy Settings & Assigning Ownership

Files at a “Project-Level” are files viewable only to project members. Only members who have access to that specific project has access to the files.

Choose the project you want to upload files to.

Click “Files”

You have the option to create a folder, so it’s easier to manage your files. In this example, I have different folders to categorize different files.

Click on “Create a folder” to create a new folder.

Fill in your folder details. In this example, I will input “Human Resources” as the name of my folder.

You have the option to make this folder private only to yourself, or public for the project members to view.

Click “Create a folder” when finished

Once you have selected the option to make my folder private, a lock icon will appear, serving as a clear indication that this particular folder is now safeguarded and inaccessible to others.

You can modify the settings by clicking on the lock icon again.

Once a file or folder becomes public, the lock icon changes to an open lock.

If the folder is set as private and restricted to your access only, you have the option to assign specific users, granting them access without making it available to all project members.

All you have to do is click on the “Assign User” icon.

Click on the user you want to give access to. Click on “Add User”

You also have the option to assign file or folder ownership to a project member. This means that the person you assign ownership to will have the authority to assign users, delete the folder, and transfer ownership to another individual.

Click the user or users you want to assign ownership to. Click “Assign Ownership”

You can upload any file types (except for .MOV files) inside your folder. Just click on ‘Upload a File’.

You can also create a live document inside your folder by clicking on “Create a Doc”

You can also assign a project member to work on this document with you.

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