How to Use the Invoice Feature in Projects

In your project, click on the “Invoice” tab.

Click on the “Add New” button.

Add your invoice title.

Select invoice owner in the drop-down menu. This could be you, if you are creating an invoice for yourself. Or it could be the name of a project member you are creating an invoice for.

Click the “Edit” button to add your details and the details of the payer.

Click on the “Update” button when done

Add the Invoice Date and the Due Date

A reference number is automatically generated

Click on the “Enable partial payment” checkbox. You have the option to allow this. If you don’t want this, disregard.

Fill in your invoice entry. This could be tasks you have done, your hourly rate, how much time you spent doing that task.

Once done, you can see your subtotal.

Fill in your terms, and a quick note visible to the client/payer.

Click on the “Add Invoice” button when done

Now your invoice is complete. You have the option to email the invoice using the platform or download in PDF.

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