How to use Discussions (Group Level)

In your group, click “Discussions”

Discussion threads provide a way for users to communicate, share ideas, ask questions, and express their opinions on a particular topic. Participants can engage in back-and-forth conversations, debate different perspectives, provide insights, offer solutions, or simply add their thoughts to the ongoing discussion.

Click on “Add New Discussion”

Write a topic you want to discuss. Topics could be anything from your projects, politics, and properties

Submit the discussion post by clicking “Post”

Now that your discussion is live group members can now freely respond to your discussion

You can also choose to create a sticky discussion by selecting the “sticky” option from the drop-down menu. This keeps the discussion pinned at the top of the forum or message board ensuring it stays visible and doesn’t get lost among newer discussions

Here you’ll notice that the sticky discussion I created is marked with a pin icon indicating that it will consistently remain at the top of the thread

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