How to Use, Create, and Manage Groups in Property Inc.

  1. From the Home Page, click on Groups on the left hand side of the screen. All of the Groups available to you on the Property Inc platform will be displayed.  
  1. On the top of the screen, you will see All Groups, My Groups, and Create a Group.  Within each Group, you will be able to see if there is an invite pending.  Click on the Accept Invitation if you wish to join that Group.
  1. There is also a Search Groups bar which is for groups only.  Just below the Search Groups bar, you will see:

All Types – to help find groups easily according to their type:  Investment, Professional, Project or Social.

Recently Active – allows you to arrange the groups according to Recently Active, Most Members, Newly Created and Alphabetical order.

View List – lets you choose between viewing the Groups in a grid or a list.

  1. To create a group, click on Create Group, then enter the Group Name and Group Details. Click Create Group and Continue.
  1. Set the Privacy Options of the GroupPublic, Private or Hidden.
  1. Choose who has access to your Group – All Group Members, Organisers and Moderators Only, or  Organisers Only.

Group Fields:  Group Invitations, Activity Feeds, Group Photos, Group Albums, Group Documents, Group Videos, and Group Messages.

  1. Select the Group TypeInvestment, Professional, Project or Social.
  1. Indicate whether the Group being created is a sub-group by filling out “Which Group should be the Parent of this group?” and select from the dropdown list. If the Group being created is a Parent Group, there is no need to fill out this question. Click Next Step.   

            The Group function is versatile because you can create as many Sub-Groups as you            

            like under a Parent / Main Group.

  1. In the Group Forum, you can select whether you want the group to have a discussion forum.  Click Next Step.
  1. For your Group Photo, you can either upload a photo from your files or choose not to have a group photo. Click Next Step.
  1. Set up your Cover Photo in the same way as your Group Photo. Click Next Step.
  2. The last step in creating a Group is sending invites to members you are connected to.  Click Send Invites, select the members in the dropdown list and click Finish.
  1. Now you can check the group that you created by clicking Groups on the Home Page.
  2. Under the right side of the Cover Photo, you will see which kind of Group you have created:  Private, Public or Hidden.  
  1. In the middle of the screen, you will find the different functions of the Group:  Feed, Discussions, Projects, Members, Photo, Videos, Send Invites, Albums, Send Messages, and Manage.  Below the functions, you will find the News Feed where you can send a text, upload a photo, video or document for members to see.
  1. If you wish to create forums, click on Discussions and type in the Discussion Title and content. Choose whether you would like to be notified of replies via email.  There are two types of posts to choose from:  Normal and Sticky.  Choose Sticky if you would like the discussion to be pinned at the top.
  1.  If you are an Organiser of the Group, you can invite other members of the platform to join by clicking on Send Invites.  

You can also invite non-members by sending them an invitation via email.  This can also be done from your Profile Page. You can customise the text and subject line of your invitation as well as choose the Groups that you want your Invitees to join.

  1.  As the Organiser of the Group, you can click on Manage to modify the Group Settings
  1. You can also make use of the Zoom feature to conduct Zoom calls within your Group without leaving the Property Inc platform. All of the Zoom recordings will automatically be uploaded into your Group so that all members can view the recordings.

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