How to Manage Profile Preferences in Property Inc.

  1. On the Home Page, click on My Account on the left hand side of the screen or click on your Profile Name or Profile Picture on the top right of the screen.
  2. Under My Account, click on Preferences, then the View My Profile button.
  1. Clicking on View Profile will let you see how your profile looks when viewed by other users. On the right hand side of the screen, click on the Edit button.
  1. Under the Edit Profile, you will see the other profile setting tools:  Edit, Profile Photo, Cover Photo and Profile Status.
  1. Clicking on Edit will allow you to modify the information you want to appear under Details, Particulars, Experience, and Interested In.

a. Details – you can select your Profession and Property Type Experience from the dropdown selection list.  You can also click on Change and choose who can see your information in those fields : Public, All Members, My Connections, or Only Me. Then click on Save Changes.

b. Particulars – you can enter your Bio, Phone, Email, Social Media, and where you work.

c. Experience – you can add your Work Experience, Project Type, Project Value, Strategy used, and Project Phases you have worked on.

d. Interested In – which Project Types, States/places, Project Values, Property Types, Strategies, and Project Phases you are interested in.

Note: A complete and optimised profile will most likely give you more business deals and connections. It will give other users an overview of what you do to determine whether they would like to conduct business with you.

  1. At the top of the screen under Edit you will find ProfilePhoto, Cover Photo and Profile Status
  • Profile Photo – this is your profile picture that will be used across the platform. You can either choose to upload your photo from your files, take a photo using your webcam or  delete your photo if you want to change it.

To take a photo using your webcam click on Take Photo, Capture and Save. Delete  your photo if you would like to change it.

  • CoverPhoto – this will be your background picture.  You can upload an image from your files or take a photo with your webcam.
  • Profile Status – allows you to view a percentage of how complete your profile is so you can continue adding more details until it is complete.

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