How to Create Task-List Templates

A task-list template is a ready-to-use framework or format designed to assist individuals and teams in efficiently organizing and tracking their tasks.

Creating personalized task-list templates can be easily done by accessing the “Templates” option within Project Management.

Fill in your template name, and the tasks underneath it.

In this example, I am going to create a task list template for getting a DA approval. Underneath the template name, Getting DA Approval, write down the individual processes or to-do lists in getting a DA Approval.

Click “Add Task” if you need to add another step or task.

How many steps or processes does it take to complete your big task? Keep adding tasks until your task list is finished. Click “Save Changes” when done.

Return to projects to check your task list template

To check your task list template, we are going to create a new task list. Click “Add Task List”.

Click on “Templates”. A drop down menu of all the templates you have created should appear.

Here, we see that our task list template successfully went through. Click on the template you’ve created.

Click “Add List” when done.

Here, we can see that the task list template we’ve created has successfully been posted. Our task list template saves time by eliminating the need to manually type out steps each time. It’s a versatile and reliable framework for recurring tasks, simplifying our workflow.

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