How to Add Task Lists in Projects & Connecting Them to Milestones

Choose the project you want to manage. Click on “Add Task List”

Add your Task List Name.

Task lists are your to-do lists in ensuring each milestone gets done. You have the option to align your Task List name with your Milestone name.

You can connect your Task List to your Milestone by clicking on the ‘Milestone’ dropdown button

In the ‘Milestone’ drop down menu, you can choose to connect your task list to any of your current Milestones. In this example, I am going to connect this “Get DA” Task list to my “Get DA” milestone.

You have the option to add in more details and information regarding the milestone

Click “Add List” once you’re finished.

Now your task list is set up. You can now add tasks underneath this task list. Click on “Add New Task”. Task list will act as your to-do list in achieving a big milestone which, in this example, is to “get a DA Approval”

Fill in the first step of your to-do list. In this example, I just wrote “Step 1”.

Click on the person icon to assign a user to a task

You also have the option to assign a group/project member to a task, and will notify them that they are in charge of this specific item.

Choose the user you want to assign the task to

A drop down of all the project members will appear. Choose the user you want to assign the task to

Set a deadline for the task by clicking on the calendar icon

Once you’re happy with the task, the due date, and who you’ve assigned this item to, click on “Add New” to save.

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