Adding Multiple Experiences to your Profile

In your profile, scroll down to “Experience” and click “Edit”

Here, you will be asked to edit your experience information. You can add more than one. In this example, I have two experiences. First as an Operations Manager, Second as an Architectural Designer

Fill in your Experience Title and details about your role, or the projects you managed

Fill in the Start Date and End Date. When did your role or the project you worked on begin? When did it end?

Next, is to choose your project type. Did you work on a commercial project or a residential project? Perhaps both?

Choose your Project Value. How much did the project you work on cost? Press on “CTRL” while clicking on a Project Value to select multiple options

Choose your Strategy. Press on “CTRL”  when clicking on a Strategy to select multiple options

Choose the Phases that you’ve worked on in this project or role. Were you only present during the Capital Raising or Construction? Were you present only during the Construction? Perhaps, you were only present during the Planning/Negotiation stage.

Click “Save Changes” when done

You can add multiple experiences to your profile. Just click “Add Another” to add another experience.

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